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Mizzica meets Katia from Love Sicily

Posted on November 29th, 2010, by mizzica

It’s with great pleasure that we present you today one of the most inspired promoters of Sicilian food’s tradition: we met Katia Amore from few weeks ago and immediately got amazed by her cookery school based in beautiful Modica, South-East of Sicily.

Katia Amore - Lovesicily Katia is from Sicily, and spent few years in England before deciding to get back to  start her cookery school and offer to others the magics of the island’s food. We had a chat, and think you’ll enjoy to read more about her:

Ciao Katia. You told us you used to live in the UK for 10 years before
moving back to Sicily. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

I lived in the UK for almost 10 years. After getting my degree in
Middle Eastern Studies in Venice, I went to England to do an MA and,
then, a PhD in Ethnic studies which led to my work as a researcher in
the field of immigration and asylum. I loved my academic work and
still get the chance to do research on a freelance basis.

When did exactly LoveSicily’s idea came to your mind?

Opening a cooking school was an old dream of mine, and have always
been interested in food. When I lived in England I loved cooking for
friends and colleagues, and my Sicilian dinners were really popular.
Every time I came back from Sicily I brought with me a piece of
Sicily: Modica’s chocolate, almond biscuits, caciocavallo ragusano,
Sicilian wine, etc. Everyone had his/her own favourite and would get
disappointed if I came empty handed.
Then, after spending a month in Sicily during spring to organise my
wedding, the wish to come back and fulfill my dream became even
stronger. In April nature is in bloom, the smell of orange blossoms
inhabriating, simply irresistable. So as soon as we went back to
England adventure began and we started planning the
renovation on my grandparents’ house in the historical centre of

And how does your cookery school  work? Can you tell us how do you
organize the courses?

Katia Amore - Love Sicily cookery school ModicaWe have our weel-log cookery holidays which are available on set-dates or on a tailor-made basis for groups who propose their chosen dates. These are a mixture of cooking sessions with me in the school’s kitchen and visits to producers and towns in the Ragusa-Siracusa area. But people can also book just for lessons, which are always hands-on classes with a seasonal menu. The main aim of the cooking classes is to enjoy Sicilian food and each other company in the kitchen.

What do your guests learn at LoveSicily’s courses and
which image of Sicily do you think they get when they are in Modica?

The food I  propose in my classes is a combination of classic Sicilian
recipes, my family’s specialties and some of my own creations which
are based on research of classic/historical recipes  or  inspired by
my love for local quality ingredients.
I hope they experience “the real Sicily” of the XXI century, a Sicily
where traditions are still strong within a modern context that offers
better quality products and services in full respect of nature and
human dignity.

Promoting quality food is not easy and requires a lot of attention:
can you tell us how do you select the Sicilian ingredients of your

I always look for seasonal organic ingredients and prefer to shop from
producers I know directly. We are very lucky in this area, I can go to
my miller and ask for a specific thickness of flour, tell my favourite
farmer what to plant for me for the following season, have good
friends who are also the best Modica’s chocolate producers, great
extra virgin olive oil producers and wine makers.
Quite often, I include wild herbs and other ingredients that grow
spontaneously in our countryside like asparagus, capers, fennel, sage,
arugola, etc in my lessons.

What do you think should be done in order to better promote Sicily and
its traditional, genuine food experience?

I think many producers and  restaurateurs are already doing their best
promoting the quality and variety Sicilian food can offer. So are many
bloggers and on-line magazines. I simply think we need to continue on
this line and collaborate to improve and strengthen the message that
Sicily offers a unique experience:  fantastic culture, amazing nature,
great food in the heart of the Mediterranean.

If you should choose one chocolate?

I have not doubts: Antica Dolceria Bonajuto Mozia Salt Chocolate

What about your favorite traditional sweet?

Too many, starting with the nougats like Kubaita and Aranciata, then
the ricotta based sweets like cassate, cassateddi e cannoli, and the
almond or pistachio based biscuits, it is a never ending love story.

And your favorite recipes?

saffron - sicily cookery school Sicilian recipes;)! Once again, too many come to mind.
At the moment I am enthusiastic about my latest risotto with saffron  I got from the wild saffron crocus I collected in the woods around  Noto Antica. The combination of saffron and rice has ancient roots in
sicilian cuisine and preparing it with wild flowers I collected in the
fields as they probably did centuries ago, gives me an amazing

We at Mizzica can’t wait to get back to Modica and meet Katia to be surprised again: you should probably put Modica on your travel agenda :)

For more information, visit Love Sicily cookery school website!

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Sicilian Easter Doves

Posted on March 23rd, 2010, by mizzica

Easter Dove (Colomba Pasquale in Italian) is a traditional cake typical of Italy. This cake is very common during all Easter period, and in Sicily you can still find many pasticcerie producing handmade, fresh, excellent Easter Doves, with their particular shape.

Easter Dove is also known as Easter Bread, and depending on the recipe, it can have different flavours that come from the classic one. Particular flavour can be: nutella, white nutella, pistachio cream, chocolate, mandarine cream and more.

Sicilian Easter Dove

The classic Easter Dove recipe includes sugar, butter, egg, egg yolks, milk, and dried fruits like almonds.

Enjoy our selection of freshly handmade Sicilian Easter Dove at

For a classic Easter Dove recipe, try this recipe or watch the following video (in Italian).