Sicilian wines

Sicily is the second largest region in Italy in terms of wine production. In fact, Sicily has an area under wine as big as the ones in Chile and South Africa (around 120.000 hectares of vineyards). Sicily produces more wine than New Zealand, Austria and Hungary together.
The island alone is responsible for around 15% of Italy’s total wine production each year: that’s due to many factors, and the Sicily’s warm, dry climate, sloping hillsides, and rocky soil are among those.

The tradition of wine-making has ancient roots in the island. But only in recent years Sicilian wines have started to be appreciated worldwide: a new generation of fine wine-makers has indeed been able to conjugate family-owned estates traditions with export ability and a great focus on quality. As Rich Cartiere, publisher of Wine Market Report, says “Sicilian wines are leading the global revolution in the perception of Italian wines: they are the hot new wines for connoisseurs.”
But Sicily is just beginning to establish a reputation for fine wines.

Sicilian vineyards, wines from sicily

Sicilian vineyards

Sicily produces several varieties of wines: red and white table and dessert wines, regional liqueurs; many of those wines are defined by controlled origin denomination (D.O.C.): this means that the products are produced within the specified region using defined methods, and they satisfy a defined quality standard.

Among the finest family-owned Sicilian wine makers we find Planeta. Planeta’s has today a strong international reputation for its wines, and has wineries in Sambuca, Vittoria, Noto, Menfi and Mt.Etna. You can read more about Planeta at

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