Passito Wine

Passito di Noto is both a winemaking technique, and a wine made from raisins and semi-dried grapes. Sicilian Passito di Noto is produced by Planeta in the Noto area, which is famous for the Nero d’Avola grapes, the prince of the Sicilian wine; in Noto, an old name of one of its frazioni (see above) is “Buonivini”, which means “Good wines”.

Planeta Passito di Noto sicilian wine

Planeta Passito di Noto

Planeta’s Passito di Noto grapes are harvested when ripe but not overly so and kept for 40 days in a ventilated space of 23° and humidity about 70%. This is followed by static decanting of the must after destemming and gentle crushing; inoculation with selected yeasts when clear, very slow fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tanks. This Passito has an harmonious, full taste and is a perfect pair for desserts, dried fruits and mature cheeses.