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Sicily - etan eruption

Sicily, Etna eruption

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy. It has a 25,708 km2 (9,925.9 sq mi) area and a population of 5,036,666.


Italian is the official language. A vast majority of the population also speaks Sicilian. English is widely understood.

Administrative divisions

There are 9 provinces in Sicily:

  • Province of Agrigento
  • Province of Caltanissetta
  • Province of Catania
  • Province of Enna
  • Province of Messina
  • Province of Palermo
  • Province of Ragusa
  • Province of Syracuse
  • Province of Trapani

Other islands

There are smaller islands that are part of Sicily: Aeolian Islands (Province of Messina), Aegadian Islands (Province of Trapani), Isle of Ustica (Province of Palermo), Pelagian Islands (Province of Agrigento), Isle of Pantelleria (Province of Trapani).

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