Agrigento Province – Sicily

The province of Agrigento is located in the south area of Sicily; it has a population of 454,370, 43 comunes (“comuni”) and an area of 3,042 km². Its capital is the city of Agrigento. Other important cities are: Canicattì, Porte Empedocle, Sciacca, Licata.

Agrigento Province Map - Sicily

The northern border of the province is defined by the Sicani Mountains, the Salso river to the east, the Belice river to the west. The coast consists mostly of high dunes of sandy beaches; there are many beautiful sights, as Scala dei Turchi, a white steep wall on the sea, and the perfectly preserved natural reserve of Torre Salsa.

The Pelagie Islands are part of the province; they are situated in the most southern corner of Italy, 200km off from the Sicilian coast; the Pelagian Islands are Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione.