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Santa Maria La Scala, Sicily

Posted on June 17th, 2010, by mizzica

Today we want to present you another beautiful, almost unknown spot of  Sicily. This time, since it’s  summer and you could probably be thinking of a nice place for holidays and sea in Sicily, we will go on the coast and introduce you to the village of  Santa Maria La Scala.

Santa Maria La Scala is part of the majorship of Acireale, in the Catania Province of Sicily. It is located in the natural reserve of La Timpa, which extends from the village of Santa Maria Ammalati to the village of CapoMulini. Being the last spur of a complex system of step faults,  which begins from the central crater of Mt.Etna and plungs its lava in the sea, La Timpa offer beautiful scenarios of lava rocks, mediterranean vegetation which includes wild capers, prickly pears and more.

Santa_Maria_La_ScalaSanta Maria La Scala

Santa Maria La Scala lies at the seaside of La Timpa, in a stunning scenario of blue sea, black lava rocks, mediterranean vegetation. This place  has avoided being turned into a tourist trap, and still holds the fishermen village atmosphere that makes it real and beautiful to enjoy. Once arrived here, you can stop at the small central square, and if you’re looking for a good coffee, a great sicilian granita of superb fresh fish dishes, just enter the small restaurant in front of the church. If you’re going for a granita, our suggestion is to ask for an almond one with liquid, hot coffee.

Santa Maria La Scala is easy to reach from Acireale. If you driving, follow the coastal road to Pozzillo and turn right at the sign for Santa Maria La Scala. You can also use the public bus service which reaches the village from the Villa Belvedere in Acireale.

If you want to walk, you can enjoy the beauty of La Timpa natural reserve by walking the steps of Le Chiazzette, which was the only walk connecting Acireale and Santa Maria La Scala in the old times. From Acireale’s main square, Il Duomo, walk to the area of  I Morti, cross the bridge to Le Chiazzette and start your walk in the magic scenarios of La Timpa.

La_Timpa_Chiazzette Le Chiazzette

For more informations on Santa Maria La Scala, visit:

Wikipedia (IT)

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Aegadian Islands: Favignana

Posted on May 23rd, 2010, by mizzica

Favignana is the biggest of the Aegadian Islands (the archipelago also includes the islands of Levanzo and Marettimo, and two uninhabited rocks, Formica and Maraone), and it is located 7km west of the coast of Sicily, in front of the city of Trapani.  The island has been not famous among tourists for a long time, with most of the visitors being people from the main island.

Aegadian Islands MapAegadian Islands – Map

Favignana is actually one of the most beautiful corners of  Sicily, for many reasons. Its relaxed, traditional atmosphere shows that the island has not been spoiled by tourism, and while local people are very friendly and happy to welcome guests, you can still find an authentic environment in which people will welcome you but still continue with their normal, daily life.

Fishing is a very important part of the island life, and Favignana is still famous for the ancient fishing technique of tonnara, which has Arabs origins. Tuna is indeed one of the most important product of Favignana, and if you love good food you won’t miss the many variations of tuna that are available here: among those, we would advice you to try the delicious “tuna sausage” that small restaurants in the village of Favignana will serve you.

The island has a “butterfly shape”, and as all the other Aegadian Islands is part of a natural reserve. You will simply get shocked by the beauty of many corners and beaches of Favignana: stunning Cala Rossa (Red Cove), so called  from the bloodshed caused by a major naval battle that was fought on 10 March 241 BC, a short distance offshore, between Rome and Carthage, will leave you speachless. And for sure you will enjoy a great swim here.

Cala Rossa - Favignana island - Aegadian islands, Sicily

Cala Rossa – Favignana

There also many other great spots for swimming, and also for diving: Cala Azzurra is one of them, and has clear blue waters and a beautiful location. Lido Burrone is a nice sandy beach, very easy to enjoy.

Favignana features also a lot of caves of sandstone rock (“tufo”): most of these caves are now transformed into gardens (“giardini ipogei), and in some part of the island you can walk through the caves to reach the sea; this is the case of  “Bue Marino”, a great rocky beach surrounded by yellow caves.

Bue Marino - Favignana Island, Aegadian islands, Sicily

Bue Marino – Favignana

Favignana offers a wide choice of accomodation solutions: B&B (prices around 30/45 euros), hotels, houses for rent.

It’s easy to reach the island: the closest airport is Trapani, which is now connected with many European cities by Ryanair. From Trapani, you can then easily reach Favignana by ferry with Siremar and Ustica Lines.

Some other useful links:

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